Brilliance in Your Pocket—A Tasteful Splash of Color to Top Off Your Outfit

Dannie Cheng and Chiwen Wang, Contributing Writers

What kind of surprises could be hidden in the folds of that pocket square peeking out of your breast pocket?

The palaces and courtyards of the great Han dynasty featured on this pocket square were brought to life on stage during Shen Yun’s 2013 season. Nestled amidst the Qinling Mountain range, the Changle and Weiyang palaces were established under the supervision of the Han dynasty’s first prime minister, Xiao He. Since he envisioned them as embodiments of the emperor’s divine right to rule, the palaces were constructed according to astrological principles and geomantic landscaping, creating a breathtaking view that would be unrivalled for centuries to come. In fact, the Weiyang palace alone was eight times larger than the much-vaunted Forbidden City, built around 1,500 years later during the Ming dynasty.

The Han dynasty was the first to unite China not only by the force of armies, but also by the force of culture. While expanding the Middle Kingdom’s territory to the borders it knows today, its rulers spread civility and scholarship as well by promoting Confucian values among the populace. By discovering, developing, and protecting the Silk Road trade routes, they also pioneered China’s first connection to other great civilizations.

While admiring the Han palaces of this pocket square, let yourself reflect on the star scholars and military geniuses of the prosperous reign of the Martial Emperor; envision the conquest of the nomadic invaders of the north and the bold exploration that pioneered the Silk Road, spreading the prosperity of the Middle Kingdom to the West. Carry on the wisdom and sophistication of this ancient culture and embellish your wardrobe with the timeless style of a golden age as you wear your Han dynasty pocket square!

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