Experience the Magic of Ancient China with a Shen Yun T-Shirt

A t-shirt inspired by the legendary figures of ancient China will inspire and uplift your child all day long

James White, Contributing Writer

The journey to the wonderful world of ancient China doesn’t begin with a time machine, it starts with a t-shirt! With Shen Yun’s new t-shirts, you can arm your young boy with the heroism of a great warrior, and adorn your young princess with the elegance of a noble lady!

Imperial Archer

Since antiquity, men and women have been viewed as opposites⏤yin and yang. The ancients saw men as the sun, and women as the water, each uniquely different and powerful.

In ancient China, archery was celebrated as the ultimate show of vigor and masculinity. Men, often described as the blazing sun and the protector of the family, are the embodiment of physical strength and prowess.

The Chinese bow was invented over 4,000 years ago. Viewed not only as a show of athleticism, but also as an art form, the ancients believed that practicing archery is a great way to improve character, and bring a sense of refinement to one’s personality. In addition to calligraphy, math, rites, music, and chariot riding, archery was one of the six ancient arts that a gentleman must master in his lifetime. Like the arrow, a man should be straight-forward, focused, and unwavering.

Water, in contrast, can bend and mold, having no permanent shape. Flowing like life, water embodies femininity⏤a symbol of soft, quiet strength and humility. It’s the most elusive of earth’s elements, and since it’s formless, it’s unbreakable. Water can also extinguish the hottest fire.

Ancient EleganceTo celebrate and praise this life-giving element, ancient Chinese women danced with long silky water-sleeves, replicating gentle waves and ripples by swaying their arms and bodies. Their graceful dance flowed from within their own graceful spirit. This form of dance became popular in China’s Warring States Period, and rose to its golden age in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

An Uplifting Children’s T-Shirt 

Clothe your boy or girl in an inspiring Shen Yun t-shirt that helps lift their spirits like the leaping archer and Sui Dynasty water-sleeves dancer! Available in three sizes, and made from 100% soft, breathable, sweat-absorbent viscose, these Shen Yun t-shirts are perfect for active, healthy children that love to play and pretend to be heroes of the past!

Ancient China is a mystical, imaginative place where honorable men and women have graced its long history. Let your child begin his or her journey to this wonderful inner and outer world.  Get your t-shirt today!

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