Filial Piety Leads to a Miracle

Zheng Jian, Contributor, Dora Li, Contributing Translator

Meng Zong was a boy with filial piety toward his mother. One winter day, Meng Zong’s mother was sick. She lost her appetite and did not feel like eating for several days. Upon seeing this, Meng Zong worried very much. He said to his mother, “Mom, whatever it is you want to eat, I will cook it for you.”

With a weak voice, his mother said, “I’d like to eat the bamboo shoots from the hills behind our house. They’re so fresh and delicious.”

Meng Zong was stunned because it was winter and there were no bamboo shoots at all. “What shall I do?” he wondered.

Meng Zong was out of ideas and went to the hill at the back of the house. He stood there and sighed. Thinking of how his mother was lying in bed, he held on to a bamboo tree and cried loudly. His filial piety moved Heaven and Earth. Not long after, the sun rose and the bright warm sunlight melted the snow. There was a sound of earth cracking, and several tender bamboo shoots were exposed in the crack. Meng Zong became very excited, immediately picked some, and ran home. He cooked a bowl of bamboo shoots and spoon-fed his mother. After eating the bamboo shoots, his mother miraculously recovered.

At the time, people thought that bamboo shoots grow only in the spring because they are visible above the soil and can be easily dug out. After Meng Zong’s story, people discovered that bamboo shoots can also be found in the winter, growing deep in the soil.


Yes, LOVE is an active word. It covers all, and it motivates. My family loves your sharing of beauty.

Ann May 12, 2020

This miracle is the Goodness of Humanity which is always here to reveal its Basic Goodness/Kindness. Not just being moved by filial piety but the pure essence of this very act. This actual reality is closer & profound than we can ever conceive; It is one of the underlying principles of the Universe that manifest when conditions are right…………

Bill Kwong May 10, 2020

Reminder of faith, love, beauty ever available beneath those moments of despair. Thank you

Juliet May 09, 2020

Executive summary, we must never, never, give up with God all things are possible believe that’s a mountain can be moved in the mountain will be moved, missing your show tremendously looking forward to you getting back on the road again

Kevin OSullivan May 09, 2020

Beautiful and so tender!

Angelica Van Wagoner May 09, 2020


Ramona L Bruckner May 09, 2020

Love makes miracles happen

Pratiba May 09, 2020

Love makes miracles happen

Pratiba May 09, 2020

Yes, this tale is beautiful we need to keep our faithful spirit always up! because no matter what everything is going to be ok.

Lulu May 09, 2020

God is good all the time!

Gatha May 09, 2020

“Where there is a will there is a way quote.” Love

Lionel P Ripert May 09, 2020

Heaven and Earth are not so far removed from each other if you just have faith

Elizabeth Lacey May 05, 2020

A little bit of Faith goes a long way.
“Seek and ye shall Find”.
Never give up.

Bertram C Billinness May 03, 2020

The light of spirit shows the way. Thank you for the revealing story.

ron p cachopo May 03, 2020

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