Honor the Hero in Your Life: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sarah Chou, Contributing Writer

With the sun beaming brightly from above, June’s scenery shines in a lovely gold that reminds us of the priceless values of those fatherly figures in our lives. They are the special heroes we have looked up to since youth who teach us by example and remain our pillars of strength throughout our journeys of growth. 

As Father’s Day approaches, we invite you to join us as we revisit some of the remarkable male heroes of ancient China. While traveling across the magnificent landscapes of traditional Chinese culture, remember to find your dad a perfect gift among these glorious wonders of ages past.

The Great Han Xin

A legendary military general who rose from humble beginnings, Han Xin showed us what it took to establish one of the most glorious golden ages in history—the Han Dynasty—not only through his brilliant talents, but also his remarkable character cultivated since youth.

Growing up in destitution, the orphaned Han Xin often suffered from hunger and was ignored by most. With keen interest in martial arts, Han Xin always carried a sword wherever he went. A street hooligan once tried to humiliate Han Xin by forcing him to either crawl between his legs or cut off his head with the sword. Displaying his calm character and impressive forbearance, Han Xin not only crawled between the man's legs without a fight, he even appointed the man a lieutenant in charge of the capital's security many years later.

Showcasing Han Xin’s handsome attire and sword through charming designs, our Great Han Xin T-shirt and Scholar Pen are made to honor Han Xin’s noble character. 

The Wise Zhuge Liang

One of the most brilliant military strategists in Chinese history, Zhuge Liang was known for his ingenious ideas, including when he collected 100,000 needed arrows from the enemy by sending boats at them filled with scarecrows. This led to a historic victory during the Three Kingdoms period.

Honoring Zhuge Liang’s keen intelligence, our new Shen Yun-inspired T-shirt featured here brings to life the Ba Zhen Tu, also known as the Eight Formation Map. According to legend, this ancient  map consists of eight powerful combat formations that were first invented by the Yellow Emperor almost 5,000 years ago and were amended by many strategists of various early dynasties in Chinese history. It was during the Three Kingdoms period that the Eight Formation Map was said to have finally been successfully adapted and put into practice on the battlefield by Zhuge Liang. 

Through applying these mystical combat formations, Zhuge Liang once was even able to trap his opponents in a stone maze that he arranged. These stones were said to be equivalent to one hundred thousand troops.

The Heroes of the Tang Dynasty

As guardians of ancient China's most glorious era, the Tang Dynasty’s (618–907) imperial warriors were always prepared to defend their country, which allowed for a golden age of culture and arts to flourish. Inspired by the stylish Tang shields featured in Shen Yun’s dances, our new Tang Warrior T-shirt, made of 100% cotton available in maroon and Heather gray, is perfect for any summer outings.

Another epic highlight from the Tang era was the invincible bond shared between the famous Tang Dynasty general Xue Rengui and his wife, as well as their admirable love for their country. When war suddenly broke out, the Xue’s wife urged him to use his military talents to assist the emperor. Through their devotion, China was saved, and this amazing couple was finally reunited after 18 years of separation. Motivated by this touching tale, our handcrafted Devotion Tie is designed to inspire one’s strength, courage, and perseverance. The tie showcases a dashing Tang armor pattern in premium Italian silk and four vibrant colors.

Also from the Tang Dynasty came the legendary Monkey King. A mischievous adventurer born from a magical rock, the Monkey King was sent to protect a monk on his dangerous quest to India for sacred scriptures during the Tang Dynasty. With remarkable faith and an unwavering spirit, they overcame countless setbacks and completed the quest with flying colors. Honoring this unique crew and their noble accomplishment in playful designs, our new Monkey King T-shirt set will surely make your next father-son outing shine with style.

The Heroic Monks

Lu Zhishen was an eccentric monk who was also a free-spirited vigilante. He loved to eat meat and drink wine from his gourd bottle wherever he traveled. From single-handedly subduing 23 thieves to uprooting a tall willow tree with his bare hands, the eight-foot-tall Lu Zhishen was known to have impressive super strength. He was most famous for joining a band of heroic outlaws on Mount Liang and forming a Robin Hood-like group that ultimately helped to save ancient China from invaders.


Also famous for disciplining thieves with their humorous tricks, the happy little monks of Shen Yun’s performances are always excited to practice some martial arts when the abbot isn’t looking and are always brave to stand up for what is right.  Celebrating these righteous monks through new Shen Yun-inspired colors and designs, our Italian-made silk tie as well as our father and son T-shirt set featured here are perfect for brightening your Father’s Day celebration with a bit of carefree laughter.



Is there a heroic figure in history that most resembles your dad? Be sure to share with us in the comments section below. May your Father’s Day be filled with golden moments of joy that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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It’s so refreshing to have something uplifting to give that special man- father, brother or husband – in your life. I’ve purchased many items from the Shen Yun Collection and the recipients are always happy to receive them!

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