Is Shen Yun on DVD? No. And Yes.

By Lisa Ma, Contributing Writer

We know, we know, and we hear you. It's a pity that our performances don't come out on DVD, but there is a reason behind that.

Seeing performing arts live is not the same as seeing it on DVD, and we don’t want people to fool themselves. There are many reasons behind this. First of all, when there are real living and breathing dancers and musicians before you, putting their heart, not to mention their sweat, into a grand artistic production full of beauty, sincerity, and good values, it is something powerful that can move the spirit and uplift the mind. It is a magnificent experience full of positive energy. You cannot experience that on your couch at home!

Further, when you purchase a ticket, drive to the theater, enter it with your loved ones, and sit among others of your community who have done the same, you are entering into a lifestyle that is beautiful and healthy, for it cherishes beauty and good, wholesome values. It takes us out from in front of a screen and puts us in the real world. That is a precious opportunity we don’t want you to miss.

Lastly, each performance brings together a wide array of exquisitely coordinated choreography, music, costumes, and background projections. It creates a visual masterpiece that is our trademark product, and like any secret recipe or currently running production, we can’t give it all away!

Now, all of that may sound nice, but you still may be thinking, “I’m putting on a DVD tonight anyway, so it might as well be of something really wonderful like Shen Yun.” We do have our Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performances available on DVD and these are not to be balked at. There is no orchestra in the world like the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. It performs original compositions that celebrate the divinely inspired heritage of China's 5,000-year civilization. Chinese instruments are augmented by a full Western orchestra, pure bel canto singing fills the halls, and classics from the Western repertoire are superbly revisited. The most recent Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Tour was in Autumn 2018 and we are now preparing to release the Orchestra’s new album in April. Stay tuned for the exact dates!

Enjoying a Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performance is joining a part of a musical heritage that is both beautiful and meaningful. And practically speaking, yes, you can experience it on your couch at home!


I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. The colors, the routines, the agility of the performers, the sets, the backdrop, the history, the narrators, & the music. I would like to purchase a sound track or album of the music. Thank you for the wonderfully rememberable show.

kenneth pavese March 29, 2019

Will the Kaisermarsch be heard in the 2018 DVD and CD set? I wish I could have a collection of all the music CDs, because I have the 2017 DVD and CD set and I liked it! The two problems are, that the 2018 DVD and CD set won’t be for sale, when I see the Shen Yun dancers in Boise, Idaho, and that the 2014 DVD and CD set isn’t available for online sale anymore. Will the latter be restocked?

Esther Brown March 29, 2019

I have purchased the DVD of the symphony orchestra. Not everyone can attend the live concerts of the dancers so putting the dance performances on DVD would extend the experience of this great art form to an even wider audience. Please! Please! Please!

ERROL A SAMUELS March 19, 2019

I agree with your reasons for not putting the performances on DVD. People need to get out and share these LIVE experiences. Make memories together. Share in the energy created between the performers and the audience. Performance art is a group experience and should not be cheapened by the flat performance of a TV experience. I’m going in May, it was my Valentines gift from the man I love. I have never been so touched in my whole life, as I’ve wanted to see the show for YEARS. I am beyond excited!!!!

Joy C Smith March 15, 2019

I watched it with my family and I admire it !!!
I wish there is a 4k cd that I can purchase and admire it over and over again at home.

Louis March 12, 2019

Can’t wait for the new Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra album, I listen to the previous ones on my way to work on the tube!

Lee Hall March 10, 2019

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