Celestial Melody Erhu Scarf


Ancient Chinese music claimed inspiration from heaven and earth as it transmitted wisdom through time and space. One divine song awakens the blossoms of spring.

In the center of this design is the erhu—a traditional Chinese instrument featured in the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. Encircling the main instrument are the eight categories of Chinese instruments, each depicted individually along with the five musical modes, represented as characters. 

The eight categories of Chinese instruments harmonize with each other, the heavens, and the world. The instruments are named for the materials used in their construction: stone, leather, bamboo, silk, metal, wood, gourd, and clay. The five musical modes correspond to the five elements: gong (metal), shang  (wood), jue (water), zhi (fire), and yu (earth) and the five organs. Therefore, they bring peace and healing to humankind. The cycle of the five elements correlates with the rotation of the seasons. Here, each corner of this scarf is embellished with a flower from each season. 

The ancients said, “Grand music harmonizes with heaven and earth.” People believed that great music could soothe ills and dissolve sorrows. In ancient China, one of the earliest forms of medicine was music.


• 36” x 36”
• 100 % Silk Charmeuse
• Dry Clean Only

Made in Korea