Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s celebrate the special women in our lives! Mothers are legendary–which legend most resembles your mom? Choose from one of our favorite themes.

The Tang Collection
The Graceful Tang Lady
The Tang Collection brings to life the stately gowns worn by the palace maidens during the Golden Age of Chinese culture—the Tang Dynasty (618–907 C.E.)
The Mulan Collection
Mulan - The Woman of Courage
Your mom selflessly takes on the modern battlefields of everyday life. When she returns home, she basks in more gentle comforts like a palace lady.
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Lotus Fairies Earrings
Surpass the ordinary, just like the Lotus! With a sweet bejeweled flower stud, these earrings have detachable dangles to transform them into a statement of elegance, perfect for an evening out.
Need more inspiration?
For moms who seem to have it all, let them choose their own look!
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