Celestial Melody - Pipa Scarf & Signature Scarf Ring Gold


The ancients have long acclaimed music as a source of healing. Let the Chinese pipa, with its brisk and ever-changing melodies be a source of energy and optimism in your daily life.

Signature Scarf Ring: Lithe and graceful, a female dancer leaps into the spotlight and, for a moment, seems suspended in the air—a distinctive moment in Shen Yun’s performances.


1. Pipa Silk Scarf
• 36” x 36”
• 100 % Silk Charmeuse
• Dry Clean Only
• Made in Korea

2. Signature Scarf Ring:
• Diameter 0.89"
• Gold Plated
• 108 Zircon gemstones (1mm)
• Made in Korea