Classical Chinese Dance Ecobag & Celestial Melody – Pipa Pin Set

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Through the expressive beauty of classical Chinese dance and a unique blend of classical music of the East and West, Shen Yun touches the heart with its message of hope and renewal.

This meaningful ecobag and pin set showcases two of the main highlights of Shen Yun performances: classical Chinese dance and the mighty “Pipa” (the Chinese four-stringed lute).

Classical Chinese dance, which is one of the world’s most comprehensive dance systems, boasts a wealth of techniques—roughly categorized into jumps, turns, flips, control, and tumbling techniques.

The Pipa, played while held upright above the knees, received its unique name from its two basic plucking techniques— "pí" (琵), striking outwards, and "pá" (琶), strumming inwards.

The most difficult to master among ancient Chinese instruments, the pipa has a wide array of playing techniques and uses all ten fingers, earning it the title of “King” among such instruments.


1. Classical Chinese Dance Techniques Ecobag
• Thick cotton canvas, fabric straps 
• Interior pocket 
• 13.58” (W) x 15.35” (H) 
• Made in Korea

2. Celestial Melody - Pipa Pin
• Enamel 
• 1.18” x 1.1” 
• Made in Taiwan


$25+ US Domestic Ships Free

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