Mongolian Bowls - Coaster & Mug Blue


Well known for their hospitality, Mongolian girls honor guests from afar by offering steaming bowls of milk tea balanced on their heads. As eagles soar through the infinite blue sky overhead, the girls dance to the heartbeat of the boundless grassland, skirts swirling in the wind. Amidst laughter and galloping horses, a grand feast of welcome is laid. This coaster set is inspired by the Shen Yun dance Mongolian Bowls.

Signature Mug: Featuring a gilded gold design on a royal blue backdrop, Shen Yun Shop's Signature mug is effortlessly exquisite in any setting.

Coaster: Known for their bold and hospitable character, Mongolians loved to dance with their tableware, and bowls were no exception. Featuring designs inspired by Shen Yun’s Mongolian Bowl Dance, this Mongolian Bowls Coaster Set will transport you to the vast and boundless grasslands of Mongolia, where the ladies welcome you with bowls of milk tea balanced on their heads.

This set is available to ship from Jan 1st, 2019.


1. Mongolian Bowls Coasters
• High density coated fiber with corked backing
• 9.8 mm x 9.8mm x 4mm
• Set of 4
• Made in Taiwan

2. Signature Mug
• 300 mL/13 Oz
• Porcelain
• Made in Taiwan