Tang Dynasty Grace Ballpoint Pen - Rose Pink


In Chinese history, the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) is celebrated as the golden age of culture and prosperity. In Shen Yun, dances such as Ladies of the Tang Palace, and Tang Dynasty Grace, celebrate the artistic elegance of Tang court fashions. Our pen designs are based on the ruqun of Tang Dynasty women, with the distinct short bodice, ultra-high waist, and long, flowing skirt. On the rose gold plated pen clip has featured an impression of the peony, the most beloved flower of the Tang Dynasty. These pens are available in three color schemes, royal blue paired with orange, light pink with dark peach, or in pearl with sky blue. 


• 5 1/2" x 0.4"
• Black Ink
• Standard Refill
• Twist Action
• Gift Boxed

Note: To change the ink cartridge, twist open the body of the pen and pull out the old cartridge. Remove the spring from the old cartridge and replace it into the new with the smaller end of the spring on top. Insert the ink cartridge into the lower half of the body, and then replace the top and twist to close. 

Made in Taiwan