Exquisite Flower Charms Set

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This charms set is inspired by two of the most celebrated flowers in traditional Chinese culture—the peony and the orchid. Aside from its phenomenal beauty, the peony has been a revered symbol of wealth and honor, which best represents the spirit of the glorious Tang Dynasty. As legend has it, the ruthless Empress Wu Zetian once ordered her flowers to bloom in mid-winter to beautify her garden amidst the snow. Deeply afraid of the Empress and her temper, all the flowers came into full bloom the next day, except the peony—the only flower that refused to bloom at an unnatural time of year. Outraged, the Empress banished the peonies from the capital to the city of Luoyang and, when they bloomed in the spring, she ordered that they be burned to the ground. Despite these desperate circumstances, the peonies remained unwavering and always came back as lovely as ever the next spring. The peony’s courageous spirit serves as a good reminder that by living in harmony with the universe and following its natural path, true happiness will surely come our way.

In the Confucian tradition, the orchids are respected as a symbol of a noble heart and righteousness, no matter the circumstances. This is because orchids grow in solitude deep in the valleys always striving to display their beauty and emitting their fragrance even when no one is there to appreciate them.

In the spirit of these two beautiful flowers and the rich traditions that they’re part of, may this charming jewelry pair grow new inspirations in your life.

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