In a Miao Village Scarf


Bright, colorful skirts paint the hills of Southern China. Jingles and silver chimes mingle with the light footsteps of the ladies of the Miao people of southern China. Drumbeats and sunny laughter echo through the valleys.

The intricate design of this scarf portrays the typical skirt of a Miao lady and draws inspiration from the Shen Yun dance In a Miao Village.  

The Miao ethnic group is one of the oldest in China. Elaborate silver jewelry is one of its defining characteristics. In Miao culture, the heavy ornaments are believed to banish evil and bring peace and good fortune.

Bright reds, blacks, yellows, whites, and blues comprise the most common colors used in Miao ladies’ traditional attire. The skirts consist of thick layers of heavy, embroidered fabric. Traditional skirts are handmade with love and care; the intricate stitches and embroidery are a testament to the Miao ladies’ lively spirits.


• 36” x 36”
• 100 % Silk Charmeuse
• Dry Clean Only

Made in Korea