In a Miao Village Silk Scarf & Scarf Ring Set


This scarf and scarf ring set, inspired by the joyful nature of the Miao ethnic group and the enduring strength of the heavenly phoenix and mighty Tang, brings to you our most sincere wishes. 

This Phoenix Fairies scarf ring draws its inspiration from the Shen Yun 2013 program, Phoenix Fairies. The dancers twirled amid a sea of clouds, representing phoenixes soaring through the sky, bringing the beauty and tranquility of the heavens to earth.

The Tang Flower scarf ring (gold/silver plated) bring you the everlasting wisdom of ancient China and all the good fortune of Tang Dynasty’s favorite flower—the peony.


1. In a Miao Village Silk Scarf
• 36” x 36”
• 100 % Silk Charmeuse
• Dry Clean Only
• Made in Korea

2. Phoenix Fairies Scarf Ring

• Diameter: 0.75”
• 141 Zircon gemstones
• Gold or Silver Rhodium plated
• Made in Korea

3. Tang Flower Scarf Ring

• Diameter: 0.85", 0.8" wide
• Gold or Silver 
• Made in Korea