Lotus Fairies - Scarf, Fan Necklace, & Fan Earrings Silver


Long has the lotus been a revered symbol of grace and purity. Rising out of the mud to bloom untainted in paradise, these blossoms embody all that is divine. Let your heart soar as these lotus fairies descend from the heavens to bestow joy and hope upon earth. This scarf is inspired by the Shen Yun dance Lotus Fairies.

The Fan Earrings and Necklace: The oriental folding fan was an integral part of Chinese culture for both practical and scholarly reasons— though more frequently, its true purpose was accessorizing.


1. Lotus Fairies Scarf
• 23"x23"
• 100% silk twill, 12mm, hand roll
• Dry Clean Only
• Made in Italy

2. Fan Necklace
• Hypoallergenic sterling silver
• Rhodium plated
• Cubic zirconia stones
• Made in Korea

3. Fan Earrings
• Hypoallergenic sterling silver ear pins
• Rhodium plated
• Cubic zirconia stones
• Made in Korea