The Men’s Accessory That Helps You Put Your Best Foot Forward

Add a touch of fun, and charm, to your sartorial elegance with Shen Yun Shop’s pocket square

James White, Contributing Writer

Dressing well is a gentleman’s armor today. Men of all ages act differently when suited up properly. There’s an invisible bond between body and mind that strengthens when a man puts on that well-tailored suit or sport coat. He walks a bit more upright.

But elegance and class needn’t be stiff. In fact, effortlessness, ease, and a touch of fun can only enhance your stately demeanor.

With our Ne Zha Churns the Sea Pocket Square, you can add both sartorial lightness and depth to your dress, so that you can always put your best foot forward.

A bundle of joy, and heroism

The boy Ne Zha was born a full-grown child after a three-and-a-half-year pregnancy—the start of a very unusual, and special, Chinese legend. Though he was touched by divinity, Ne Zha’s powers would need to be cultivated. A Daoist immortal took the gifted boy as his disciple, giving the promising child a magical instrument—the Cosmic Wheel—in the shape of a medium-sized hula hoop.

Though his Cosmic Wheel was heavier than any mere mortal could lift, Ne Zha was playing with it one day, swishing it around, unaware of its potent abilities. He accidentally caused massive tremors deep in the water below, disturbing and shaking the underwater palace of the Dragon King of the East Sea.

Annoyed by this insignificant child—so he thought—the Dragon King sent men to attack Ne Zha, who quickly vanquished them with his magical wheel. Furious, the Dragon King tried to report Ne Zha to the Jade Emperor—the supreme ruler of the heavens and mortal realms. But using his wily wit and invisibility charms, the supernormal boy dealt the Dragon King several blows first, defeating his nemesis.

We can learn a lot from this little legend. Firstly, never overlook someone’s wisdom and power, regardless of age. Secondly, talents and spiritual gifts aren’t enough; we must cultivate, and control, our powers to use them for good.

Wear this fun Ne Zha Churns the Sea Pocket Square to carry the wisdom and charm of this wonderful Chinese legend with you.

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