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Be Inspired.

Mix and match our charms for a unique look

Explore your creativity and discover your own unique style with our brand-new Inspiration Jewelry Collection.

Showcasing nine exquisite charms drawn from Shen Yun Performing Arts’ dances, stage props, traditional values, and stories, this collection lets you mix and match your favorite charms with either your own jewelry or our signature collections.

Pick the ones that speak to you and start creating today!

Inspiration Charms

Create and shine with your own unique style. Add your favorite charms to your shopping cart.

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Tang Flower CharmTang Flower Charm
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Magical Hulu CharmMagical Hulu Charm

Magical Hulu Charm

1 review$25
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Orchid Hand Fan CharmOrchid Hand Fan Charm
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Daily Grace CharmDaily Grace Charm
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Joyous Dancer CharmJoyous Dancer Charm
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Artist's Stamp CharmArtist's Stamp Charm
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Shen Yun Signature Coin CharmShen Yun Signature Coin Charm

Chains and Earrings

Complete your charms creation with your own jewelry or our signature pieces.

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Rope Chain NecklaceRope Chain Necklace
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Curb Chain NecklaceCurb Chain Necklace

Curb Chain Necklace

1 review$45
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Mini Hoop EarringsMini Hoop Earrings

Mini Hoop Earrings

1 review$40
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Curb Chain BraceletCurb Chain Bracelet

Curb Chain Bracelet

2 reviews$50

Our Shop's Picks

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Explore and be inspired!

Keep Shen Yun’s exhilarating onstage energy close by your side all year round with this unique charms set. Featuring Shen Yun’s signature stamp and eye-catching dance pose in an artistic style, let these sparkling charms inspire your courage and strength wherever life may lead.

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The magic of Shen Yun performances are often experienced through the beauty and values of five millennia of treasured tales that are brought to life on stage by a mesmerizing assortment of dances, often with props. Now as lovely jewelry pieces, these all-time favorite props of Shen Yun’s dances bring a magical touch of style and joy to your daily life.

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Showcasing the characters for “dance” and “grace” in an artistic style, this simple yet elegant charms set encourages you to always dance gracefully on life’s stage no matter what challenges come along.

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This charms set is inspired by two of the most celebrated flowers in traditional Chinese culture—the peony and the orchid. Aside from its phenomenal beauty, the peony has been a revered symbol of wealth and honor, while orchids are respected as a symbol of a noble heart and righteousness.

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