Experience the Heroism and Camaraderie of Mongolia with Our New Collection

James White, Contributing Writer

“Chinese people say it's easier to break one chopstick than to break a bunch,” says the Shen Yun emcee before the Mongolian Chopsticks dance.

Out on vast open grasslands, the nomadic Mongolians truly embodied that special spirit of strength through togetherness. Now, you can join the excitement and adventure of this strong, heroic culture with our new Mongolian Chopsticks Collection.

Wrap yourself in a beautiful silk scarf adorned with scenes from Shen Yun’s Mongolian dances, so you too exude the liveliness and cohension of these ancient people. Not only were the Mongolians a tightknit group, but they shared a deep eternal bond to nature and their epic surroundings.

The Shen Yun dances depict the Mongolians’ affinity to horses with steps resembling a horse’s leisurely gallop, jumps imitating a horse rearing up, and the nomadic culture’s cowboy-esque way of life. Mongolians also revere the eagle, and the dancers depict large arm movements to illustrate the freedom of soaring through a boundless sky.

Hospitality is also extremely important to the Mongolian people. To illustrate this warm, familial theme, Shen Yun’s Mongolian dances often feature bowls, wine cups, and, of course, bundles of chopsticks as dance props.

That Mongolian spirit of camaraderie is also how Shen Yun thrives. Critics and artists alike say they are amazed by Shen Yun’s perfectly in-sync coordination. It’s like one body flowing flawlessly together—from dozens of dancers to a large live orchestra to sound, lighting, and designers displaying a digital backdrop taking you through 5,000 years of Chinese history.

Bond with the spirit of Mongolia through Shen Yun Shop’s new Mongolian Chopsticks Collection. It’s a journey worth taking!