Manchurian Elegance Long Scarf - Blue

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Manchurian Elegance Long Scarf -...


Wear the elegance of the Manchurian princess with our Italian-made scarf.

Finely crafted from soft cashmere blend, this scarf design is inspired by the Shen Yun dance piece Manchurian Elegance. Back in the 17th century, the Manchurian court ladies wore characteristic dresses, elaborate headdresses, and “flowerpot shoes.” Their dresses are often ornamented with Ruyi patterns—a symbol of luck and fortune—which is the main theme of this scarf. The Manchurian ladies are known for their sense of style, as you can see from their highly ornamented headdresses depicted in the scarf.

• 23" x 75"
• 80% Modal / 20% Cashmere

Made in Italy

  • 美國國內$25以上訂單免運費。
  • 畫布印刷品不提供免運費服務。
  • 海外訂單可能發生關稅和中間代理費用,數額取決於承運商和商品種類。
  • 在原包裝中未經使用、未清洗和無損壞的商品收貨30天內可以退貨。
  • DVD,CD和日曆不可退貨。

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