The Peaches of Immortality Silk Long Scarf

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The Peaches of Immortality Silk ...


This item is currently on pre-order and will be available to ship in the week of December 12, 2022

Showcasing one of the most playful designs yet at the Shen Yun Shop, our Peaches of Immortality Scarf—now available in two sizes—is inspired by an all-time favorite character in Shen Yun’s performances, the Monkey King, and his love for the magical peaches grown by the Queen Mother of Heaven. These special peaches only ripened once every few thousand years and granted immortality to those who ate them. Curious and mischievous, the Monkey King caused an uproar in the heavenly realm when he was caught feasting on the peaches of the fruit-picking fairies sent by the Queen Mother. Turning the clock forward from the Great Tang Dynasty to the present day, peaches are still celebrated as symbols of longevity in Chinese culture.

• 17” x 75"
• 100% silk twill
• 14mm, hand-rolled

Made in Italy

  • 美國國內$25以上訂單免運費。
  • 畫布印刷品不提供免運費服務。
  • 海外訂單可能發生關稅和中間代理費用,數額取決於承運商和商品種類。
  • 在原包裝中未經使用、未清洗和無損壞的商品收貨30天內可以退貨。
  • DVD,CD和日曆不可退貨。

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