We received many beautifully colored artworks. Choosing the best was not easy. After careful consideration though, we now have three winners. Drum roll please. And the winners are…
Ages 10 and Under

Abigail P.,
Age 8

Ages 11-17

Dinghan G.,
Age 12

Ages 18 and Above

Xuan Z.,
Age 22

To all those who submitted entries, thank you so much for your colorful efforts! Until our next competition, keep adding life and color to everything you come across! We would also like to give special mention to our runners-up:
David X., Age 32
Daria K., Age 10
Hanah L., Age 29
James K., Age 12
Jackie L., Age 11
Ke W., Age 14
Ke W., Age 14
Lina Y., Age 20
Lina Y., Age 20
Lina Y., Age 20
Nguyen H., Age 12
Nguyen Q., Age 10
Nguyen N., Age 25
Ying Y., Age 31
Wattana B., Age 45
Suri, Age 8
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Learn While You Color

All the vivid characters below are from the classic novel Journey to the West. This book is a fun way of exploring ancient Chinese thought and moral values. With each of their stories, we invite you to dive into their magical world...

The pages below are downloadable and ready to be colored.

Journey to the West

Journey to the West is one of China’s classic novels. It tells the story of a Buddhist monk who goes on a long mission. His job is to find sacred teachings and bring them back to China so that everyone can learn from them. His journey will be filled with danger and adventure. Fortunately, he is given three guards to protect him. Can you name them all?

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The Monk

The first hero in Journey to the West is a humble Buddhist monk with a pure heart. He lived during the Tang Dynasty, so we call him Tang Monk. One day, the great emperor picked Tang Monk to go on a long journey. His mission: to find Buddhist teachings and bring them back to China. But the journey will be dangerous—he will even meet monsters that want to eat him! He will need Monkey King and his other friends to protect him.  

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Monkey King

The magical Monkey King is the monk’s most important bodyguard. He can fly and travel thousands of miles with one somersault. His eyes can always see the truth, so even if a monster disguises itself, Monkey can tell right away! Not only that, he can pull hairs from his head, blow on them, and turn them into more monkeys! But he sometimes gets into a little too much monkey business, and then the monk has to put him in his place. 

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Peach Orchard Fairies

How wonderful to be a heavenly fairy! They are light and graceful, and they fly around carefree. At least they were carefree until Monkey King gave them trouble. One day, a big feast in the heavens is being prepared, and the fairies are sent to get some magical peaches for the party. But when they go pick the peaches, they discover Monkey King already ate them!

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Dragon King

Chinese culture has many different dragons—good ones, bad ones, and ones that live under the sea. In Journey to the West, Monkey King is looking for a powerful weapon, so he decides to visit the Dragon King of the East Sea. Dragon King offers him all the weapons he can think of, but Monkey does not like any of them. Finally, Monkey finds what he is looking for—a giant pillar. Only problem—this pillar is in charge of keeping the sea stable.  

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Half-man, half-pig, Pigsy is the laziest, greediest, and rudest-to-the-ladies creature you could ever meet. Do not be fooled by his big belly and rake for a weapon, though. He is a fierce warrior. He was turned into a pig-man as punishment after behaving inappropriately. But he has a good heart, and so the Goddess of Mercy gives him a chance to make up for his mistakes by doing a good deed of protecting the monk. And yes, he’s a pig that can fly.

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Sandy, like Monkey and Pigsy, became Tang Monk’s disciple, not only protecting the monk but also learning the Buddhist ways from him. And Sandy is the kind of helpful disciple any master would be happy to have. He doesn’t complain, he’s strong, and is a team player. He can look a little scary—maybe it’s all those skulls on his necklace. But, he’s definitely a good guy now.

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Princess Iron Fan

On their journey, Monkey King and his friends arrive at Fire Mountain. As the name suggests, this mountain is on fire. The only way to get by is to borrow the magical iron fan. And who has this fan? Why, Princess Iron Fan, of course. Monkey asks her nicely for it, but she refuses to share and instead blows away Monkey with her fan. But have no fear, Monkey will figure out a way to get it.

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